Teams are now split into 'A', 'B' and 'C' divisions.  We will play a round robin within each division that will end on March 5.  The top team at that time in the standings in the 'A' division will win the aggregate.  On March 12th 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd in each division.

Final night of Tuesday curling is March 19th with the winners playing each other.  Teams not playing in the final can have all their players play on the final night.  Teams in the final will have to stay with 4.  

Upcoming games - February 27

C2 - G. Randell C4 - Newcomers 06:30 PM Sheet 1
C3 - The Rock Bottoms C1 - Kana-Hacks 06:30 PM Sheet 2
B4 - J. Mireau B2 - T. Weatherhog 06:30 PM Sheet 3
B1 - R. Davis B3 - M. Aldred 06:30 PM Sheet 4
A2 - R. LaPlace A4 - T. Birnie 08:30 PM Sheet 1
A3 - S. Egger A1 - K. Dreaver 08:30 PM Sheet 2